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Supporting UK jobs, our public services and the environment

How your shopping can change the UK

Shopping locally and nationally results in thriving UK businesses, stronger local communities, reduced dependence on imports, lower product miles, your money kept in the UK, and a growing economy that can afford better schools, hospitals and social care.

Buying as local as possible lowers your impact on the environment

Every purchase of goods ‘made in the UK’ helps support UK jobs

In turn, the taxes paid by workers and companies pays for UK public services

With YouK you can

  • Shop for any consumer product that the UK makes, produces or designs
  • Find new UK brands
  • Discover current deals, bargains and promotions
  • Check out what's made in any local UK area
  • Gift ideas for all ages and events from around the UK
  • Shop according to your values: vegan, organic, ethical and many more
  • Get news on product areas, UK entrepreneurs, environmental issues and more

Every time you choose a product made in the UK, everyone in the UK wins

A UK worker is anybody of any race, religion, nationality, colour, gender, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability or marital status, who works in the UK legally.

What is different about YouK?

  • Every type of consumer brand and product is covered, from ginger snaps to carbon fibre bikes, ballet shoes to natural skincare.
  • Finding what you want is quick: Search, browse, shop online, or use the information in store.
  • YouK looks to support the very smallest brands to the very biggest, everywhere in the UK.
  • Every brand or product has a YouK Score telling you "how UK" it is.

Brands and products are scored based on factors such as input materials, design, and manufacturing

Some brands and products are substantially made in the UK:

Others are partially made in the UK:

Shop how you like to shop

YouK provides both On-Line and Local results for consumer products and brands, so you can shop your way.

  • Online: brands and products that are online and widely available across the UK, whether through retailers, or the brand's own shops.
  • Local: discover products that are available in certain local areas, the manufacturing locations of brands and brands that offer visitor experiences at their sites.

Youk covers over 95% by value of all 'made in the UK' consumer goods, covering both national and local brands.

Tell us here if you spot something we have missed!

Who we are

YouK is a private development by a small team who are absolutely committed to the promotion of UK businesses, to the economic and environmental benefit of us all.

It is free to users and businesses. Some businesses pay a small commission on purchases.

The YouK Campaign

Want to know more? Read about the YouK campaign, environmental issues, economic analysis and much more in YouK News.

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YouK promotes all UK made, produced or designed consumer products. Shopping local has huge environmental benefits, supports local economies and jobs, and helps fund our public services. YouK is the market leading source of information, with over 95%+ by value of all brands and products represented. We earn a commission on products purchased through some links.
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