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Discover anything made, produced or designed in every corner of the UK

All over the UK we make, design and produce fantastic products. YouK brings you all the information you need to shop UK.

Why shop UK? Whether it’s cutting your product miles, supporting local businesses, supporting UK jobs, or simply finding new brands and products, it makes sense to shop UK.

Yes, we do make stuff! For the great majority of consumer goods there are many, many great local and national UK options.

Quality, value and innovation are the common threads of successful UK businesses. Every day 1,843 new businesses are starting up to join long established brands. We are on the move!

How YouK works

You can discover anything, anywhere, that is made, produced or designed across the whole of the UK.

From handmade shoes and local chutneys to road bikes and organic skincare, YouK lets you browse, compare and discover all of the fantastic British products being made by thousands of innovative businesses in every corner of the UK.

Discover the UK using our unique search tools: find all the options for any product, see what’s nearby, shop brands that share your values, get gift inspiration, find today’s offers…. YouK puts you in the know across the UK.

YouK gives you all the information you need to shop any way you like: online, in a supermarket, or direct from producers or harbourside fisheries.

Just what does “UK made” mean?

The great majority of brands and products on YouK are 100% UK made or produced.

However many great brands and products are also partly ‘UK made’, so we score other factors such as the extent of UK based research, design, or assembly, and the use of materials sourced in the UK. The modern consumer world is complex!

Our unique scoring system - YouK Score - shows you at a glance ‘how UK’ a product or brand is.

Every brand or product on YouK makes at least some contribution to the UK economy, and most often a huge contribution.

They all deserve our support.


Our Values

YouK is for everyone that lives in the UK.

Shopping closer to home is a big boost for our local communities, our environment, and our ability to grow jobs and generate the money that funds our public services.

While there is nothing wrong with globalisation, it does make sense to consider the local options and make informed purchasing decisions. Why ship an item from the other side of the world, when often a local business is making the same, or better, product?


How you can help

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How we are funded

YouK is the work of a small team of enthusiasts from all over the UK, and our intention is that it is always to be free for both users and business.

Some businesses do pay a small commission when we introduce customers, and others will be attracted by additional marketing, and we hope that this will enable us to keep going and continue to develop YouK.

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Made in the UK

We promote all UK made, produced or designed consumer products.

Shop local

Shopping local has huge environmental benefits, supports local economies and jobs, and helps fund our public services.

Market leaders

YouK is the market leading source of information, with over 95%+ by value of all brands and products represented.*

*YouK earns a small commission on products bought through certain links on this site

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