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Black Isle Yarns

Black Isle Yarns have a passion for the natural world, and channel this to offer a range undyed and naturally dyed woollen yarns. The company started life when its founder – who grew up in East Lothian – found knitting and a love of wool became a true passion. Disappointed with how tricky it was to source British, local wool, Julie investigated having local wool spun… and the rest is history; Black Isle Yarns are now custom spun with fleeces hand-selected from local farms and small holdings, all on Eilean Dubh – the Black Isle.

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Bristol Blue Glass

Bristol Blue Glass was founded in 1988 with the aim of re-establishing a glass-making tradition in Bristol that had been lost for over 60 years. The company started life at a time when many of the traditional English glassmaking techniques were in severe danger of being lost forever; today, the Bristol Blue Glass legacy has spread worldwide, and many glassmakers have trained at the Bristol studio. Bristol Blue Glass now sells a compelling range of free blown glassware in many colours and styles.

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The Good Little Company

The Good Little Company is founded on a simple idea; to make sausages that taste good and do good. The company sets out to create the very best sausages for families across the UK, at the same time as helping to support some of the poorest and most vulnerable people around the world; over 50% of the profit from every pack of sausages goes directly to African projects through two partner charities. Since the company was founded in 2011, 25 million meals for children in Malawi planted a whole forest of native trees their farm, and provided tasty, healthy sausages for families across the country.

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The Mercers of Yorkshire

Mercer’s ‘Fine Food In Jars’, has been an exciting journey for this husband and wife duo from Yorkshire, who have thrived on creating delicious pots of sauces, chutneys, marmalades and curds! A perfect to accompaniment to any dish, this Yorkshire based duo are putting their passions into their food!

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