Wiston Estate

Wiston Estate is a family-run vineyard and winery in West Sussex. The Goring family have been stewarding the land since 1743 and in 2006 they planted vines transforming the land. Traditional varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier were planted, all of which are now used to make award-winning wine. A further integral part of their winemaking process is their winery. They use a traditional Coquard press, which is one of only four outside of France, allowing them to maximise the quality of extraction. All of this has resulted in Wiston being a fast-growing, very successful vineyard. They won winery of the year at the WineBG awards in 2018 and continue to make delicious English wines!

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Brewgooder is a certified BCorp brand on a mission to ensure everyone has access to clean water. Their beer is brewed with purpose and 100% of their profits go to supporting clean water projects around the world. Since launching in 2016 Brewgooder have funded over 140 clean water projects and unlocked water for over 155,920 people! They have recently released a number of new beers. Why not try their new Session IPA, this hoppy and light beer is the perfect warm-weather drink.

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Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer Vineyards is a family-run wine estate in East Sussex. They first planted vines in 2006 and 2017 they were able to build an onsite winery! The vineyards benefit from an ideal climate for vines, with their proximity to the sea and south-facing slopes. Each of their wines are made with their own grapes and the production is fairly small; allowing them to focus on quality. Only the best grapes are produced and selected to make their fantastic wines. One of their most popular bottles is their Classic Cuvée which has won multiple prestigious wine awards over the years.

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Melting Pot Fudge

Melting Pot Fudge specialises in making award-winning handmade fudge and is the brainchild of three sisters who spent 18 months endlessly pouring over the stove to find the perfect recipe. Melting Pot Fudge was launched in 2004 and prides itself in producing high-quality fudge made in open pots in the traditional way – in small batches, hand-beaten, hand-cut and then wrapped. Fudges are available in an extensive range of flavours and are now sold all over the world.

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All Terrain All Electric

All Terrain All Electric is an innovative electrical vehicle startup based in Glasgow. The inspiration behind the brand was to manufacture adventure electric vehicles. They design and assemble the vehicles at their HQ in Glasgow and source nearly all the major components in the UK. Their first vehicle, the Munro Mark 1, is launching later this year. You can learn more about the brand in a recent Behind the Scenes article on our blog.

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Jump The Hedges

Jump The Hedges is a Belfast based brand with a passion for sustainable and practical design. They make a range of bags for all sorts of activities from walking to climbing. Each bag is made with reclaimed materials, including truck tarpaulin, that is sourced from all over Ireland. They are then each hand sewn into unique and colourful bags.  Look out for their new product drop to get your hands on one of their stylish, practical & sustainable bags - coming very soon!

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Wolf Rayet

Wolf Rayet is a London based fashion brand that was started in 2013. Everything is designed and made in London, and they used recycled lycra in all of their leggings. The name of the brand comes from a famous dying star, that burns bigger and brighter than the sun. You can see this inspiration in their bright and bold designs. Their fun and impactful clothing is designed to make everyone feel powerful and stand out from the crowd!

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Precision Spirits

Precision Spirits is an Edinburgh based drinks brand that is crafting a range of Ready-To-Drink spirits mixers. They distil their own gin and are passionate about finding inventive and delicious flavour combinations to mix it with. So far they have released two expressions, both Gin Spritzers. Their first is PEACE LOVIN' DECOY and their second, inspired by Scotland's recent involvement in the European Football Championships, Tartan Juice. Read more about Precision Spirits, and why we think they are such a great company, in our recent Behind the Scenes blog post.

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