Delphis Eco is an accredited B Corp brand that specialises in making sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning & household products. We love their products and what they stand for; everything is made in the UK to cut unnecessary pollution by shipping materials around the world. The company is committed to #netzero by 2030 as they know it is crucial for our future. Using science-based targets and a commitment to transition they are a company we can truly get behind! Explore their range of innovative products and make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products today.

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Brewgooder is a certified BCorp brand on a mission to ensure everyone has access to clean water. Their beer is brewed with purpose and 100% of their profits go to supporting clean water projects around the world. Since launching in 2016 Brewgooder have funded over 140 clean water projects and unlocked water for over 155,920 people! They have recently released a number of new beers. Why not try their new Session IPA, this hoppy and light beer is the perfect warm-weather drink.

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Shade Sun Cream

Shade Sun Cream is one of the UK's leading natural sun creams. After discovering how many man-made and harmful chemicals were in the standard sun cream options the idea of developing a natural and effective sun cream came to founder Tania. Their goal was to reduce both the negative impact of sun cream on the environment and to reduce the toxic body burden of sun cream. Shade Sun Cream is made with 4 ingredients, Shae Butter, Coconut Oil, Zinc-Oxide and Beeswax. It is all-natural, sustainably sourced, unrefined and 72% organic. And all-importantly Shade Sun Cream is SPF 25, so when applied properly you can be sure to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Conscious Crackers

Enjoy beautiful plastic-free Christmas Crackers from Conscious Crackers this festive season. They will help you to reduce your waste this Christmas and inspire you and your loved ones to live more sustainably. Every box of Conscious Crackers is handmade with recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials. Each cracker contains a sustainable gift with supporting information, a festive joke and a tissue paper hat. All gifts are plastic-free, palm-oil free, vegan and are not-tested-on-animals.

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Highland & Honey

Highland & Honey is a small home décor and art brand based in Glasgow. They have all sorts of products from prints to mugs, wall hangings to cards. The brand was started by Marissa, a graduate in Fine arts and Art History. Her trendy designs celebrate our everyday lives. As an American living in Scotland, she often finds inspiration in her surroundings.

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Wolf Rayet

Wolf Rayet is a London based fashion brand that was started in 2013. Everything is designed and made in London, and they used recycled lycra in all of their leggings. The name of the brand comes from a famous dying star, that burns bigger and brighter than the sun. You can see this inspiration in their bright and bold designs. Their fun and impactful clothing is designed to make everyone feel powerful and stand out from the crowd!

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Precision Spirits

Precision Spirits is an Edinburgh based drinks brand that is crafting a range of Ready-To-Drink spirits mixers. They distil their own gin and are passionate about finding inventive and delicious flavour combinations to mix it with. So far they have released two expressions, both Gin Spritzers. Their first is PEACE LOVIN' DECOY and their second, inspired by Scotland's recent involvement in the European Football Championships, Tartan Juice. Read more about Precision Spirits, and why we think they are such a great company, in our recent Behind the Scenes blog post.

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Crane Jewellery

Crane Jewellery is a Cardiff based brand that hand-crafts a range of beautiful jewellery. The founder Jodie draws inspiration from various sources including the Art Decor Movement & various Geometric Shapes. All their pieces are both stylish & comfortable! What is not to love?

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Pretty Savage

Pretty Savage handmakes a range of plastic-free soaps, shampoos, bath bombs and soy wax melts. All of which are delicious. We applaud their approach to taking responsibility for the environmental impact of their products. This is what founder Adele had to say when we talked about it: "I think companies need to take responsibility for their footprint. It was important for me from the beginning to make sure I chose materials that don’t have an unnecessary impact. It wasn’t enough just to switch to paper or card. I made sure all my packaging is made from recycled materials and printed using vegetable inks."

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Leithal Hot Sauce

Leithal Hot Sauce is a fantastic, independent Edinburgh brand that specialises in crafting a range of delicious and fiery hot sauces. The brand was born in the midst of lockdown and their high-quality hot sauces pack a punch but also have a great all-around flavour! We love their products and for all those spicy lovers out there, what are you waiting for, try this great new brand!

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